Hayden’s health status

Thank you so much for all your expressions of support yesterday! Here’s a quick update on Hayden’s health:

This morning was a repeat of yesterday: puke and white poop (sorry).

I called the doctor (no more monkeys jumping on the bed; how sad for Marty) and we went in late in the morning. Hayden did not have a temperature, but he’d lost five ounces (you know, of weight) since the last time we’d been in.

After explaining the situation several times (and showing the doctor his white poop, which the doctor agreed was weird, but was probably just because he hasn’t been eating), the doctor said he should be on Pedialyte only for the next eight hours and ordered blood tests.

So, instead of finally getting around to picking up the gifts for my sweet friends who watched Hayden last week, I got to go to the grocery store for Pedialyte and then the hospital for a blood draw. Amazingly, once we got all the paperwork done, there was NO wait in the blood lab (we always had to wait for several people when we went in for Hayden’s jaundice tests) (yeah, both days). I should get a call some time this afternoon with the results. There is a chance that his liver or kidney function is inhibited, but the doctor said the blood tests are really just a precaution.

However, Hayden is not currently dehydrated (as his abundance of tears can attest), so that, at least, is a good thing. One of my sisters was hospitalized for dehydration when she was a little thing, and that is just scary, so we’re hoping to avoid that.

Thanks again for all your kind words; it’s so good to get encouragement from other moms who know what it’s like!

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11 thoughts on “Hayden’s health status

  1. I’m so sorry. Lukas had white diaherrea once and i had to take his stool in. He turned out okay, but i was really scared about the liver funciton. I pray tha thayden is okay as well!

  2. Oh, I hope the Pedialyte-only does the trick. It’s so scary and upsetting when the little ones are sick.


  3. Hi, so my son is doing the same thing that your son was doing with the white poop and puking…. Has he gotten better? how long did it take before he started eating again? Is he gaining back the weight. My son is in the thick of this weird stomach problem right now, and i am hoping you can offer some insight. Thanks:)

  4. Hey Laurel:
    Hayden is better, but you definitely need to take your son to the doctor. I looked up white poop and it can indicate serious problems. That’s why my doctor ordered blood tests.

    This was a week ago. We spent that Thursday on Pedialyte, the following day introduced oyster crackers and bread, and by Saturday or Sunday he was back to normal.

    I think he’s gaining the weight back. He’s gotten his chubby belly back!

    Good luck!

  5. after a long afternoon in the ER my son (Strummer) is starting to respond to food in a “nonexplosive” manner. Thanks for the help…. I think we are on the right track now. (fingers crossed)

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