Waking up Hayden

A few interesting things have happened the last couple days as I’ve gotten Hayden out of bed.
Yesterday: I got Hayden up in the morning. He was wearing footless fleece PJs, but one of his feet was missing. Somehow, he’d worked his diaper off and squished it down into the leg of his PJs. He was a little messy (but not as bad as it could have been!). It was a sample that came in the mail; we will not be buying that type of diaper.
Today: I got Hayden after his nap. I was hoping he’d sleep longer. Sigh. I come in, and he’s grabbed the baby monitor from the nursery cart next to his bed. When I came in, it was in the crib, a good foot away from where it had once been. I wish I’d seen how he did that!
And here’s a video from a month ago of waking up Hayden. Blogger has been really evil about letting me post videos here lately. I can’t login from Google Video after I click the “Post to blog” button and I can’t get the HTML code to work over here. Grr. I do not like Blogger Beta. Well, I don’t like its bugs. It’s now reposted a bunch of old posts to my RSS twice and giving me all kinds of trouble now that it’s merged with my Google account (mostly because I have two Google accounts. Stupid Google people. Why would people want only one account when they could have two?!). End rant.
Knitting, writing, listening… I can’t believe I’ve gotten into listening to podcasts. Mostly it’s just the Daily SearchCast, but I discovered an awesome knitting podcast, Cast-On. It’s like NPR, only all about knitting. And fewer annoying piano ditties. But I get paid to listen to SearchCast, so that’s what I’ll go do now.
PS—The second picture is a “thanks again” to my sister-in-law Toria for all the adorable baby clothes. Hayden goes out in style (especially Sundays) thanks to you and your boys!
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